• Looking for Alcatraz tickets?The Magic Bus may have tickets. We have a combination ticket offer – you can go to Alcatraz and ride the Magic Bus. We call it,The ROCK and ROLL Tour. Many tour companies offer combination tickets which include their tour and the Alcatraz Cellhouse tour but none of them were instrumental in creating the Alcatraz Cellhouse Tour

The name Antenna was chosen because we create events, objects and ideas that foster an active collaboration with our audience and the world; productions that act like an Antenna, that is: Receive input, Transform it, and Transmit it back.

Antenna was founded in 1980 by Artistic Director Chris Hardman.

The Antenna experience can take the shape of a carnival, an immersive maze, a performance piece, a radio program, a guided mystery tour, a sideshow or a giant walk-through sculpture. Antenna uses them all to put the audience member, or “audient,” into the middle of the action.